2018 the year where the idea became reality. Gaming against cancer. Paws for the soul


The beginning of the idea everybody was suprised and asked: “What? Gaming against cancer. How should that work?” But the answer was quite easy! My co-founder Henry Yeung and me gathered money for the animal based therapy of the oncological palliativ ward of the HSK in Wiesbaden. The animals are giving the patients and their family new strength and courage in the harsh times.

2018 was a great success! We delivered Prof. Dr. Frickhofen and the HSK 2123,07€ and supported the work of Ivana Seger and the “Emma-hilft” Inititive, which are funded exclusively by donations.

Well what happened since then… In the last year (2019), we met the first time Ivana and their dogs Emma and Sissi togtether with Prof. Dr. Frickhofen.

Also in 2019 we started to work together with the german society for palliative medicine (THANK YOU Mrs. Kellner!) and realized the project on the plattform betterplace.org and gather the amount of 7101€.

Thank you all very much for your help and be excited for the this years event and we hope to suprise you again!