We say thank you for the donations!

Original article: https://wg-news.com/wir-sagen-danke-fuer-die-spenden/ (only in german)

We say thank you for the donations!

Sadly a couple of days passed by since we delivered the donations, but because of health issues I couldn’t write earlier! And now the “acceptance speech” of Fallen13:

“On the 9th december 2018 we delivered the donations from the charity stream with a small delegation.

It was a great success!

Together we could deliver the astonishing amount of 2123,07€.

All present people were amazed what we archieved with playing online games.

Many thanks also from the director of the oncological ward Prof. Dr. Frickhofen.

We from the “Eisernen Löwen”, Commander Fallen13 and Deputy Commander Atlan35 delivered together with Zhenwu the donations personally to Prof. Dr. Frickhofen at the christmas market.

We want to thank everybody which helped. The four streamers HiFiRe2142, Eekeeboo, BamBam7308, Cloud2011
Wargaming Paris, Community Manager Wot Zapfhahn, Royalty, The Challenger, Dorota 🙂 und Wargaming Prag (Sehales).

Also a big thank you to the community with you the success wasn’t possible, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts that you supported this cause. 🙂

We united all three Wargaming games for a good cause and I also want to thank my clan for the support and the help.

The patients are so glad to be supported by you. Many many thanks again to everybidy which was involved and helped. The gathered money has been delivered to the oncological ward and will help the patients to fight cancer with the new therapy dog Sissi and let them feel secured and cared.

Many many thanks!

Commander of Die Eisernen Löwen”

Last but not least a few word from me, first of all many thanks also from me to the people which supported the streams and it was an honour to support this event, although I would not say that I didn’t worked that much nor supported it so much as some people say. I hope that next year we will break the 3000€ border or if a small 500 people village in the middle of nowhere should gather 10000€, we should archieve that as well!

Have a nice day!